Navigating In Uncharted Waters.

With the ongoing concern about Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), we know things are changing quickly.  How we all do business and how we engage with our communities, employees and customers has to be reinvented as we figure out how to navigate through this unprecedented time.  We are working to adapt to the current needs and are brainstorming new ways to ensure your message continues to get delivered to all stakeholders.


That means thinking virtually.  Thinking outside of the box.  Providing creative ways to do things we’ve all been doing one way for a long time but are no longer able.  We recently talked to Twin Cities Business Magazine about our ideas:


We invite you to brainstorm with us (brainstorming is always free).  We will find new ways to connect, to show empathy, and to engage in a time when social distancing is the directive.  Some of these might include:


  • Podcasts

  • Live Webstream / Webcast

  • Virtual Experiences (Nothing is too “out there” right now – let’s give our communities quality experiences from the comfort of their quarantine!)

  • Studio Space w/ Virtual Sets

  • Digital Connection – Ways to connect to our current communities and those we’ve not yet reached with our traditional ways of doing business.


All of which Freestyle is already set-up and prepared to do.

In addition we have created two special packages to help you get your message online.

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