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Rethinking Events In These Uncharted Waters?

With several months into COVID-19, we know things are continuing to change.  How we all do business and the ways we engage with our communities, employees and customers is constantly being reinvented as we figure out how to navigate through this unprecedented time.  We know that each client's needs are unique and here at Freestyle Productions we have met these challenges head-on and developed real solutions in unprecedented time.


Virtual is the hot word right now, with everything from meetings to concerts to galas moving to the online world.  But how do you continue to engage your audience without losing them in the "digital overload" that is happening during Covid. What can you do to make a virtual event not look like a glorified zoom call?


We invite you to brainstorm with us (brainstorming is always free).  Together we continue to find new ways to connect, to show empathy, and to inspire in a time when social distancing is the directive. 

Whether it is a complete virtual gala, an awards show or a company meeting we can help you chose the best path in these uncharted waters.

Here is a little taste of some of the solutions we have found for our clients.

Starfest 2020 C
Starfest 2020 B
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