LEAP 2020_ Feeding Native Families, Empo

Welcome! Thank you for joining us for LEAP! 2020: Feeding Native Families,

Empowering Native Youth!

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Thank you to our sponsors!

Thank you to our individual sponsors:

Carrie Lee Macleod


Dan Gustafson

Frank Babka

Kevin Reilly

Thank you to our table hosts!

  • Margy Ahmann

  • Ann & Ginny Buran

  • Cathy Bogolub

  • Janis Hardy

  • Ann Manning

  • Liz McCambridge

  • Marcy Keckler

  • Cecy Faster

  • Mariana Shulstad

  • Emmanuelle Hardy

  • Steve Lehr

  • Tim Matson

  • Helen Trickey

  • Cindy Ward-Thompson

  • MPS Indian Education

  • Lori Cocking