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Welcome Donor Families
Together, We Remember
Welcome to the 2021 Virtual Donor Family Gathering. This event provides the opportunity to remember your loved one, celebrate the gifts they gave and receive a message of hope.
Click the button above to join the sharing session immediately following the main program.

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Legacy Opportunities
Your loved one’s generous gift provides hope to someone else – hope for a chance at living a healthier, more productive life. When it comes to your loved one’s legacy, LifeSource is here to help honor them in any way we can.

Share Your Loved One’s Story


The Gallery of Hope is a beautiful collection of online tributes to donors and transplant recipients. Families share their loved one’s story, the legacy of their gifts and the important, ongoing message of donation through photos and words. This virtual, easy-to-use format allows families to share their loved one’s story.

Click here to get started.


Create a Quilt Square

The donor family quilt is a patchwork of memories created by donor families. It is an ongoing project that will never be complete – squares will continue being added as families submit them. 

Learn more and view the digital quilt.


Honor Your Loved One With a Memorial Gift

Invite your family and friends to join you in dedicating a Memorial Wall inscription or Garden Bench engraving – located in LifeSource’s Healing Garden – in honor of your loved one. Cumulative gifts made through the online giving form can be applied to the inscription of a donor’s name. Submitted contributions should include the name of the individual to be engraved when asked if the gift is a dedication. The donor’s family will be notified when contributions reach the level to create a memorial wall or garden bench engraving.

Learn more about the Healing Garden

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