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You have reached the right place!

Please join us tonight at 6:30PM CST for the pre-show with our live event starting at 7PM.

If you are viewing the page after 6:00PM please refresh your browser to see the event page.


Live Concert Featuring "The Voice" Star:

Kat Perkins

Stick around after the event for a live concert featuring Kat Perkins. Kat is a singer/songwriter, performer and finalist on NBC's "The Voice". Born in Scranton, North Dakota, she later moved to the Twin Cities to pursue a musical career.

Hope and Healing
(in cocktail form)

Our own resident bartender Bay Wilkinson (ok..she's really our Workplace and Special Projects Administrator) has created two drinks just for this event:  Hope and Healing. Enjoy the video and if you want to get them ready for event night, just click the button below to see and download the recipe!

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